Here is a list of our amazing ambassadors!

They are selected based on sheer talent and/or their awesome social media pages. Explore their social media profiles by clicking the links below their names.


Alaina Johnston // PA, USA

Anna Davis // NJ, USA

Anna McNulty // NB, CN

Anya Kolbovsky // CA, USA

Areana Lopez // CA, USA

Avaree Jade // CA, USA

Brady Farrar // FL, USA

Cameron Voorhees // NY, USA

Diana Sofia Pombo // FL, USA

Elliana Walmsley // NY, USA

Emerald Gordon Wulf // CA, USA

Gianna Sage // NY, USA

Hannah Mae Dugmore // FL, USA

Jade Shaknaitis // FL, USA

Jessalyn Pearl Hall // CA, USA

Joshua Gembala // IL, USA

Kathryn Stuehmer // FL, USA

Kendyl Fay // CA, USA

Mariah Ortiz // NJ, USA

Naomi Wei // NJ, USA

Peyton Evans // UT, USA

Peyton Heitz // CA, USA

Quinn Starner // MI, USA

Zoey Robertson // TX, USA


Here are our requirements for ambassadorship:

  • Must have 50,000 or more followers on Instagram.
  • Must get 3,000 or more "likes" per photo on average.
  • Must demonstrate advanced performance skills.
  • And, most importantly, must be committed to posting and advertising for KNKMiami!

Here are some of the benefits to being a KNKMiami ambassador:

  • You will receive a free SpringCore Balance upon selection. After fulfilling the agreed-upon promotion (i.e. blog post, video review, social media post, etc.), you will receive an additional product for review and so on.
  • And you'll will be featured on our website and social media accounts!