Replacement Cushion: 12"
Replacement Cushion: 12"

Replacement Cushion: 12"

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Compatible with the SpringCore Balance Premium and Pirouette Premium!


Once the cushion on your SpringCore Balance Premium or Pirouette Premium has started to degrade, it will be important to replace it.  This cushion is important to prevent injury while using your device.  It provides slip resistance and keeps you safe. 


Accidentally damaged the top cushion on your SpringCore Balance Premium or Pirouette Premium? Need a new one? No problem! Here is a listing just for you.


  • Non-skid adhesive.
  • Foam.


  1. Place the SpringCore Balance Premium or Pirouette Premium on a flat surface with the top facing upward.
  2. Cut the top cushion into four quadrants (one cut horizontally and another cut vertically).
  3. Gently scrape the cushion off in all four quadrants, making your way from the middle-most corner all the way to the edge. This is done best when following a horizontal pattern, scraping from one edge of the quadrant to the other.
  4. Once the original material has been scraped off, align your replacement cushion to edge of the top of your SpringCore Balance Premium or Pirouette Premium. Small amounts of material may prevent how well the new cushion may adhere.
  5. Peel of a corner of the white slip and slowly press the replacement cushion as you peel off the rest of the white slip.
  6. Ta-da! Your new cushion should be in place. Press down for at least one minute to ensure optimal adhesion.


The cushion listed fits the dimensions for both the SpringCore Balance Premium and Pirouette Premium. Make sure to follow the instructions closely when replacing your cushion. Adult supervision during replacement is recommended for persons under 18 years of age.