Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Details:

What is the difference between the ArchStretch and ArchStretch Premium?

There is no difference between the functionality or the effectiveness of the stretchers. All the stretchers provide the same function and are equally effective. The difference is only in the surface material. The ArchStretch is covered in memory EVA foam with a hypoallergenic (anti-fungus & repels odor causing bacterial) surgical grade silicone insert and can be easily wiped down. The ArchStretchPremium is covered in a hypoallergenic (anti-fungus & repels odor causing bacteria) surgical grade silicone and same material silicone insert. This version was created for those dancer with sensitivity to latex or rubber. It is very durable and the material repels odor producing bacteria. You can easily clean it with a clorox wipe. Either model have excellent adaptation for any foot size.  The silicone stretcher was especially developed for dancers with sensitivities to latex, rubber, etc. 

What is the difference between the Pirouette Mini and the Pirouette Premium? 

The Pirouette Mini is our smaller, more portable model especially suitable for starting and intermediate dancers who are just beginning to turn.  The Pirouette Premium is equipped with an extra smooth spinning mechanism that allows for more consistent turns. 

What is the difference between the SpringCore Balance and the SpringCore Balance Premium? 

The SpringCore Balance is mean to assist dancers with improving balance and stability by strengthening the core and leg muscles as well as increasing ankle range of motion and joint mobility. Unlike our SpringCore Balance Premium, our SpringCore Balance is stationary and does not spin. Our SpringCore Balance Premium is a combination of our SpringCore Balance and our Pirouette Premium. Spinning while balancing on the SpringCore Balance Premium targets turnout, turning, balance, promenading, ankle strength, hip rotation, back strength, core strength, spotting, proper muscle memory, and control. Like the Pirouette Premium, the SpringCore Balance Premium is equipped with an extra smooth spinning mechanism that allows for more consistent turns.

The rubber band on my ArchStretch broke! Where can I get another one?

On rare occasions, the rubber band does break. Replacement rubber bands can only be purchased through our online store. Breakage of the rubber band is often caused by contact with sharp objects (such as long finger nails). Please, keep this in mind when using your new rubber band on your ArchStretch!

The cushion on my Pirouette Mini/Pirouette Premium/SpringCore Balance/SpringCore Balance Premium is damaged! What do I do next?

The skid-proof pad of these products can become damaged if the cushion comes into contact with any sharp, rough, or hot surfaces. These damages do not in any way diminish the efficacy of these products nor their safety. If you still wish to replace the skid-proof pad, you may purchase a replacement cushion through our online store. Instructions for removal of the existing pad and placement of your new cushion can be found on the "Replacement Cushion" product page in our "Shop". If you'd like us to talk you through replacing your cushion, contact us once your replacement cushion has arrived to schedule a phone call with a member of our staff. 


Is the ArchStretch/ArchStretch Premium safe for all ages? 

We have consulted several pediatricians regarding this matter.  The consensus is that they are safe for any age (yay!).  However, we recommend that parents of very young children consult their family physician for confirmation.  As with any training equipment, improper use may result in injury.  We have video tutorials available on YouTube channel (KNKMiami) for your reference.

Does shoe size matter when considering what training equipment to purchase?  

No, our products accommodate any size foot, from the tiniest foot to the largest foot. 


How long does shipping take?

Once an order is placed, we require 1-5 business days to process the order.  Once shipped, USPS requires an additional 1-3 business days for domestic priority mail delivery for Priority Mail (insured) and 1-4 business days for First-Class Mail (insured).  USPS requires and additional 6-10 business days for international mail delivery for Priority Mail (insured) and 7-21 business days for First-Class Mail (insured).  USPS advises customers to order early as there is the potential for additional delays on holiday orders.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide!  Upon checkout of your order, shipping charges will be provided.  Please note that on rare occasions, our customer have been assessed an additional duty fee by their country.  We don't know the nature of these fees or why certain customers are required to pay these tariffs and why 99% of the others are not. We are not responsible for any customs fees your order might acquire during shipment. Please, contact your nearest post office for local regulations on international shipments. We will not cover shipping overages that are incurred outside of the US.

If you are an international buyer, please make sure to enter your address in English, in the format provided below, at checkout.

Character Limits:

Fedex shipments: cannot exceed 35 characters per address line.

USPS shipments: cannot exceed 50 characters per address line.

DHL shipments: cannot exceed 30 characters per address line. 

Are your products for sale at any stores?

Yes, currently we have our products at various local stores throughout the country aside from our home business location! We recommend you call ahead to make sure they have the specific item in stock as their inventory of our merchandise is limited. Check out our “Shop Local” page for specific locations.


My credit card was declined! How else can I pay?  

We use a protected online payment service called Stripe. Cards can be declined for a variety of reasons, even cards that have already been used to make a purchase on KNKMiami or any other e-commerce site. Most banks have an automated banking fraud system that determine whether or not an online transaction will be approved. If you have attempted to make a purchase without success, please contact your bank directly to approve the transaction. If you still face difficulties even after pre-approving the transaction with your bank, feel free to contact us for alternative payment methods. In rare cases, we accept payments via PayPal and mailed checks. 


Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we offer wholesale discounts for orders of more than 10 units! Send us an email through our "Contact Us" form for pricing and more information. 

Are there any promotions available at this time?



What is your return policy?

Your full satisfaction is our goal. If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please fill out the form on our "Returns" page and we will do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction.

You have 15 calendar days to return an item after arrival. In case of a return, the buyer is responsible for returning the item in new condition packaged in a way that protects it from damage during shipping. Refunds are issued on reception of returned goods to the original payment method and do not include shipping fees.  Returned goods are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.


All of our products have a 6 month warranty from the day purchased. We will repair any damages or entirely replace the product if necessary. If your warranty expires, KNKMiami will still be there for you! We will repair your product for 30% of the purchase price or replace it for 50% of the purchase price. Please fill out the "Additional Details" section with information on how your item was damaged on our in the form on our "Returns" page. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.