About Us

Who we are

KNKMiami is a family business based in sunny Florida. We are invested in providing dancers and athletes with quality products that help them perform better.

How we started

KNKMiami began thanks to Kimberly Kopke, an avid young dancer competing at the national level and who appeared in Dance Moms Miami. When Kimmy needed a product to help stretch her arch for dancing, she fashioned one herself at home. It is called the ArchStretch and is currently sold in our store. She then realized the potential that it had as a piece of equipment for dancing and with the help of her family, decided to sell it online.

What to expect

Because we are a family business, we understand the value of our customers in a special way. We aim to provide you with the best that we have which is why we spend much of our time keeping track of orders and customer queries. Should you have any questions, you can expect to receive attention, care, and transparency from our staff. 

Our staff

Kimberly Kopke
Founder and Executive Director

Anicia Gutierrez
Customer Service Director