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Improving the high arch is beneficial especially if you are looking to get a high demi-pointe in soft ballet shoes.  There are also other benefits, but all of them include working the arch muscles and stretching them.  The ArchStretch was designed with this in mind and is perfect to assist athletes and dancers in accomplishing their goals. 


Items sold separately:

  • Replacement WristBand              $ 10
  • Replacement ArchBand              +  30
  • Total Price:                                   $ 40

    This $40 value is yours for just $20 when you upgrade to the bundle!


    The ArchStretch (improved material and design) was made to provide athletes and dancers with an easy-to-use and well-made product for stretching the arch of their foot. The EVA foam material provides a slip-resistance surface to stretch the foot while the rubber inset (in between the bumps on the stretcher) provides cushioning placement to secure and support the heel of the foot. The foot Arch Stretch comes with a latex-free rubber band that stretches over the foot, keeping the foot in place during stretching. The ArchStretch is a must for any stretching session!


    • EVA foam.
    • Surgical-grade silicone.
    • Latex-free rubber (rubber band).


    • Gripping bottom.
    • Easy to wipe down.
    • Lightweight and portable. 


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    • A physician's approval is strongly recommended before using this product. 
    • Young children and first-time users should be supervised by an adult when using this product. 
    • This product should only be used for its intended purpose. Reckless use may result in injury. 
    • Inspect equipment before use. If damaged, discontinue use immediately. 
    • Do not attempt to repair equipment. Contact us directly at for further instructions. 
    • Wear appropriate attire that does not restrict or compromise movement when using this product.


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