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SpringCore Balance Premium Level 2 - Limit 130 pounds

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SpringCore Balance Premium (Level 2): Unleash Advanced Training & Master Multiple Skills (Up to 130 lbs)

Evolve Your Training & Refine Your Skills with this Multi-Functional Balance Trainer!

As dancers and athletes progress, their training needs to evolve. The SpringCore Balance Premium (Level 2), designed for users up to 130 lbs, seamlessly transitions you into advanced training, allowing you to master a multitude of skills simultaneously.

Experience the Power of Multi-Skill Training:

This innovative platform combines the benefits of a spinning base and an unstable platform, allowing you to target a wide range of athletic skills concurrently:

  • Turnout & Turning: Improve your form and control during turns.
  • Balance: Enhance overall balance and stability.
  • Promenading: Practice smooth and elegant promenades.
  • Ankle Strength: Develop strong and agile ankles for better performance.
  • Hip Rotation: Increase your range of motion and flexibility.
  • Back Strength: Build a strong core and back for improved posture and power.
  • Core Strength: Engage and strengthen your core muscles for optimal performance.
  • Spotting: Master the art of spotting for safe and controlled landings.
  • Muscle Memory: Develop proper muscle memory for flawless execution of skills.

Unleash Your Inner Dancer:

The integrated spinning base of the SpringCore Balance Premium (Level 2) is ideal for dancers seeking to refine their pirouettes and other spinning techniques.

Built to Endure:

This platform is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring it can withstand the intensity of your advanced training sessions, regardless of your lighter body type.

Safety & Performance:

  • Non-Slip Surface: The non-skid platform prioritizes your safety by providing a stable base during your workouts.
  • Moisture-Repellent Finish: The acrylic finish repels moisture, making it easy to clean and maintain for continued top performance.

Invest in Your Artistic Edge:

The SpringCore Balance Premium (Level 2) is an exceptional tool for dancers and athletes seeking to elevate their training to the next level. It allows you to refine your skills, improve balance, and achieve peak performance.

Additional Notes:

  • See a doctor before use.
  • Adult supervision recommended for young children and first-time users.
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SpringCore Balance Premium Level 2 - Limit 130 pounds
SpringCore Balance Premium Level 2 - Limit 130 pounds
SpringCore Balance Premium Level 2 - Limit 130 pounds
SpringCore Balance Premium Level 2 - Limit 130 pounds
SpringCore Balance Premium Level 2 - Limit 130 pounds