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The SpringFit (Max Loading Weight: 260 lbs) is designed to assist athletes with developing one's core and tightening obliques through heavy twisting and balance. It features four thickened solid metal tubes and two industrial-grade metal springs mounted onto an impact resistant plastic platform. The upper platform is lined with rubber massage points that apply therapeutic acupressure to the athlete's foot during use. This product is a low impact and fun way to train for athletes of all ages and skillsets!


  • Impact resistant ABS plastic.
  • Metal reinforced tubes.
  • Metal spring mechanism.


  • Holds up to 260 lbs.
  • Non-skid and non-slipping.
  • Heavy-duty. 
  • Appropriate for anyone and everyone!


For an instructional video, checkout our YouTube channel! http://www.youtube.com/c/KNKMiami


  • A physician's approval is strongly recommended before using this product. 
  • Young children and first time users should be supervised by an adult when using this product. 
  • This product should only be used for its intended purpose. Reckless use may result in injury. 
  • Inspect equipment before use. If damaged, discontinue use immediately. 
  • Do not attempt to repair equipment. Contact us directly at info@knkmiami.com for further instructions. 
  • Wear appropriate attire that does not restrict or compromise movement when using this product.

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