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Pirouette Premium Bundle

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$169.00 USD
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$169.00 USD



Items sold separately:

  • Pirouette Premium                 $149
  • Replacement Cushion               35
  • Repetitions Counter.                 20
  • Total Price:                               $224

    This $204 value is yours for just $169 when you upgrade to the bundle!

    Why Choose the Pirouette Premium Bundle?

    • Advanced Dance Training Collection: This premium bundle is expertly designed for dancers aiming to master pirouettes and enhance overall dance techniques.
    • Superior Quality for Professional Training: Each component is made with top-grade materials, ensuring longevity and consistent performance for demanding dance practices.
    • Exceptional Value for Dancers: Enjoy a significant discount with this bundle, a more economical option compared to buying each tool individually.
    • Perfect for Dancers at Every Level: Suitable for dancers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, looking to refine their technique and performance.
    • Practical and Portable: Easy to carry and use in a variety of settings, this bundle is ideal for studio training, home practice, or workshops.

    Advance your dance abilities with the Pirouette Premium Bundle. A comprehensive set designed to provide the tools needed for precision, balance, and elegant dance execution.

    Take advantage of this special offer now at just $169.00, and enhance your dance practice with professional-grade tools!



    This device may look simple but looks can be deceiving.  The Pirouette Premium will not only help with balance, but it can be helpful for you regardless of your level.  This device grows with your skill as you improve. 


    Items sold separately:

    • Rep(repetitions) Counter                 $19.99
    • 10" Replacement Cushion               +34.99
    • Total Price:                                        $54.98

      This $54.98 value is yours for just $20 when you upgrade to the bundle!


      The Pirouette Premium is designed to help dancers develop proper body alignment and balance while turning. We consider our larger Pirouette Premium to be the perfect tool for beginners to pro-level dancers and athletes. It features a concealed, heavy-duty industrial-grade metal slow spinning mechanism mounted onto a non-skidding lower platform. This mechanism's speed will increase as the user becomes more proficient with their turns thus adjusting to the needs of the user. The upper platform is lined with a non-slip cushion for added comfort while turning. This Pirouette Disc is not just great for ballet practice; our customers have found it helpful for abdominal exercise, break dancing, and more! Don't be afraid to get creative with your Pirouette Premium!


      • Recycled, treated wood.
      • Rubber (bumpers).
      • Non-skid adhesive cushion.
      • Acrylic (finish).
      • Heavy-duty metal spinning mechanism (concealed).
      • Holds up to 260 lbs.
      • Stays in place during spinning.
      • Non-skid and non-slipping.
      • Acrylic treatment that repels moisture.
      • Heavy-duty. 
      • Incredibly challenging!


      • A physician's approval is strongly recommended before using this product. 
      • Young children and first-time users should be supervised by an adult when using this product. 
      • This product should only be used for its intended purpose. Reckless use may result in injury. 
      • Inspect equipment before use. If damaged, discontinue use immediately. 
      • Do not attempt to repair equipment. 
      • Wear appropriate attire that does not restrict or compromise movement when using this product.
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        Pirouette Premium Bundle
        Pirouette Premium Bundle

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