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SpringHandStands Level 1: Revolutionize Your Handstands - Support up to 200 pounds

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Product Description

Unlock unprecedented heights in your handstand and balancing practices with the revolutionary SpringHandStands Level 1. Meticulously engineered, these stands are robust, accommodating up to 200 pounds, and include integrated springs, guaranteeing enhanced stability and control. The innovative design of these stands invites you to elevate your technique, precision, and mastery in handstands and a multitude of balance-focused disciplines such as yoga, cross-fit, gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour, and strength training.

Embrace a new realm of challenges in hand balancing, navigating through various preparations and fitness exercises with grace and confidence. The standalone nature of these handstand sticks allows for custom distance configuration, enabling a personalized and conducive set-up that aligns with your unique needs and preferences. These functional yet stylish stands also open up opportunities for aesthetically captivating photography and stage performances.

Safety and Usage:

Caution: Engaging with this product comes with inherent risks. It is crucial to secure a physician’s approval prior to usage, particularly for young children and first-time users, who should be under adult supervision. Always ensure that your attire is suitable, allowing unrestricted movement during exercises.

  • Consistently inspect the equipment for any signs of wear or damage before use. Discontinue usage immediately if any faults are detected and avoid any attempts at repairing the equipment.
  • The stands, when used concurrently, are designed to safely support users weighing up to 200 pounds. They permit a flexible adjustment of distance for a customizable and comfortable exercise experience.


Responsibility lies with the user to employ this equipment with caution and for its intended purpose to prevent any potential injuries. The seller assumes no liability for risks or injuries encountered during its use. Elevate your balancing prowess with the groundbreaking SpringHandStands Level 1 today!

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Hand Stand with Springs or SpringHandStands-------- Level 1 - Limit 150 pounds